Corporate Affiliates

The program is intended to provide support for new initiatives in the Ying Wu College of Computing  and to promote dialog between academia and industry.  The program offers affiliated companies access to the CC faculty and its talented and diversified student body that includes many under-represented groups.  The aims of the program are:

  • To influence the evolution of CC curricula to include topics, courses and programs relevant to the needs and interests of affiliated companies.
  • To engage CC students and faculty in research activities of interest to affiliated companies.
  • To provide CC students with experiences that will enhance their development into future corporate assets of affiliated companies.   

Basic Membership

  • Extended recruiting opportunities for CC graduating students including:
    • Access to student resumes
    • Room for Interviews 
    • Room for Information Session
    • Student Reception 
  • Companies Job Postings 
  • CC Social Media Presence, including Facebook and Twitter announcements
  • Presentations to regularly scheduled CC student organization meetings
  • Access to electronic mail lists, informing of CC lectures, seminars and special events   

In addition, member companies can propose topics for undergraduate Capstone projects and Master’s projects and own the results of the projects, subject to the University IP rules.   

Additional Engagement Opportunities available for CC Corporate Partners:

  • Sponsor a Hackathon, a Puzzle Challenge, or a CC Student Programming Competition
  • Sponsor a Field Trip to your company
  • Sponsor the annual Women in Computing event
  • Sponsor a dedicated Research Project involving CC students and faculty  

Please contact us, so that we may continue to develop relationships and design events that will provide our students with knowledge about your company, as well as providing you with insight and contacts that will improve your position on the NJIT campus.  

Billy McDermott
Director of Development
Ying Wu College of Computing
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, NJ 07102; 973 596 3256