TCS (TATA) Spotlight Event

Date:                Wednesday, November 29
Time:                2:30PM - 4:30PM
Location:         GITC 3710
Description:     TCS will be discussing both the full-time and internship opportunities available at their organization.  Food and refreshments will be provided. ​Please note, TATA will be be discussing opportunities for students authorized to work in the U.S. 

Capstone Showcase

Date:                 Wednesday, November 29
Time:                 3:00PM - 6:00PM
Location:           Campus Center Atrium
Description:       Under the patronage of Dean Gotsman, on Nov 29th, we will celebrate 15 years since we started two award-winning programs state-wide and nationally; 
YWCC capstone program and Real World Connections (RWC) as innovative real world STEM learning models for college and K-12 students alike. 

These interconnected programs became key components in our college education and community outreach, a fast career pipeline for students, a network of networks of industry, 
government and community connections and a hub for creativity, opportunities and endless possibilities.

This showcase features real world senior college students’ accomplishments with leading industry organization such as UPS and an ongoing success story with the State of New Jersey judiciary system (NJ courts)   
as well as numerous  real world projects with industry  and nine teams representing our own students entrepreneurs. 

The showcase also includes our flagship  STEM Real world connections program where middle and high school  students from multiple school districts build Android Apps, 
solve real world crimes, make documentaries, develop video games, create animation, design advanced websites and much more!  

The showcase competition will be judged by three judging panels that consist of executives and directors of the State of New Jersey Cybersecurity, 
Morris County Economic Development, Prudential, Verizon communications and Amazon just to mention a few.

An award ceremony will follow the showcase from 5-6PM where winning teams and students champions will be awarded.

Visit http://njitcapstoneproject.com/

Johnson and Johnson Spotlight Event

Date:                Monday, December 4
Time:                11:00AM - 12:00PM
Location:          GITC 3710
Description:      TBA

YWCC Seminar
Data Science of Language: Uncovering Truth and Meaning
Anthony ​Scriffignano, Dun and Bradstreet

Date:                 Wednesday, December 6
Time:                2:30PM - 4:00PM (Refreshments served at 2:15PM)
Location:          GITC 3710
Description:      The new age of data is all about generating meaningful insights by applying continuously evolving analytical approaches and methodologies. Techniques that aim to extract insights from natural language—especially in light of recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence—are among the most promising fields, poised to create tremendous value. Delivering on the promise, however, is anything but trivial, especially given the complexities of multi-lingual text environments, many of which are highly dynamic and unstructured.

Still, the implications are far-reaching: applications of language technology are starting to permeate our personal and professional lives, bestowing on us previously unimaginable benefits and exposing us to previously unimaginable risks. Sentiment analysis, veracity adjudication, and sentiment clustering are some of the things that become possible. On the dark side, we also must contend with fake news, sophisticated fraud and identity theft schemes, and erosion of privacy.

Questions abound. What’s next in the evolution of language technology? Can we overcome characteristics of language that confound algorithmic approaches, e.g., sarcasm, neologisms and intentional misspellings? In this session, both relevant and occasionally irreverent, Dr. AnthonyScriffignano, SVP/Chief Data Scientist at Dun and Bradstreet, will explore how language technologies and the massive availability of data and are impacting commerce, science and nearly everything in our lives today.