Careers in Computing

Careers in computing continue to be the fastest growing occupations throughout the world over the next decade. Increases will be driven by rapid growth in computer systems design and related services. 

Nationally, May 2017 graduates of computing-related disciplines continue to see healthy starting salaries with computer science majors averaging $61,321 according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. NJIT May 2016 Computer Science graduates earned an even higher starting salary at $66,236. 

Graduates of the Ying Wu College of Computing Sciences move into positions of responsibility and leadership in corporations, small businesses and government organizations. Every major industry depends on IT professionals and their ability to design, set up, program and support the tools and infrastructure needed to compete in a technological world. Modern enterprises depend on IS specialists, valuing their ability to design innovative and effective computing solutions to meet complex organization objectives.

The total number of employment opportunities related to computing listed for students at the NJIT career center increased for the 7th consecutive year.