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Click here to submit a permit request.

Permits will not be issued in person/via email.

Email your academic advisor with the course you're trying to enter and the registration error.

Students outside the College of Computing should follow the same last-name breakdown as YWCC students.

YWCC academic advisors cannot issue permits for courses in other departments.

Please reach out to the department that offers the course to request a permit.

Please include the following in any email correspondences with departments:

  • Full Name
  • 8 digit student ID #
  • Major
  • Course Information (Title, number, section, CRN)
  • Registration Error Message
Martin Tuchman School of Management Contact
Accounting, Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Operations Management Permit Form
College of Science & Liberal Arts Contact
Biological Sciences Karen Roach |
Chemistry & Environmental Science Roumiana Petrova |
History Maureen O'Rourke |
Humanities, Communication, English, Social Sciences, Literature, ​Philosophy, and Science Technology & Society Michael Tress |
Mathematical Sciences Permit Form
Physics Permit Form
Theater Arts Michelle Rittenhouse |
Newark College of Engineering Contact
Biomedical Engineering Alev K. Erdi |
Chemical Engineering Gordana Obuskovic |
Civil Engineering & Mechanics Heidi Young |
Electrical & Computer Engineering Ryoko Mathes |
Industrial & Mechanical Engineering Permit Form
College of Architecture & Design Contact
Architecture & Infrastructure Planning Frederick A. Little |
Art, Digital, Industrial, and Interior Design Sasha Corchado |
Physical Education Contact
Physical Education Brian Callahan |

If you are seeking access to a closed course, please add yourself to the course waitlist. 

If a space in the course becomes available, the next student on the waitlist will receive an email notification from the Registrar regarding the open space.

Waitlisting does not guarantee registration in the course. It does, however, allow you to closely monitor you position on the waitlist.

For more information about the waitlist, please see below:


Waitlist FAQ

What is waitlisting?

Waitlisting allows you to place yourself on a waitlist for a closed class, monitor your position on the waitlist and, when a space becomes available, register yourself in the class. All pre-requisites must still be met and there must be no time conflicts.

What classes will have waitlisting available?

Most courses will have waitlists available. For those that do not have a waitlist, you may contact the offering department for more information.

How will I know if a class has waitlisting available?

Using the Banner Self-Service Course Search, find your desired course and view the sections being offered.

In this view, there are columns showing the Waitlist Capacity (WL Cap), Waitlist Actual (WL Act) and Waitlist Remaining (WL Rem).

How do I place myself on a waitlist for a closed class?

At your designated registration time, log in to Banner Self Service.

Click 'Registration' and then click 'Add or Drop Classes.'
Enter the CRN of the course in which you desire to register and click the 'Submit Changes' button.
If the class is full and waitlisting is available for the class, you will see Registration Add Errors with a status of 'Closed- 0 Waitlisted.' (It may say 1, 2, or 3, etc. Waitlisted depending whether a waitlist has already begun).
From the drop-down menu, select the action of 'Waitlist' and click the 'Submit Changes' button.

As long as the waitlist has not reached capacity, you will be placed on the waitlist.

Can I place myself on the waitlist for two sections of the same course?

No, you may be on the waitlist for only one section of a course.

Can I register in one section of a course and then place myself on the waitlist of a more desirable section?

No, you can only be registered or waitlisted for one section of a course.

How do I get registered in the class?

If a space becomes available in the class and you are at the top of the waitlist, an email will automatically be sent to your email account. The email will state that a space is available and that you have 72 hours to log into Pipeline and register for the class.

If you do not log into Pipeline within 72 hours and register for the class, the system will drop you from the waitlist and notify the next student that a space is available. It is very important that you monitor your email account closely, including nights, weekends, and holidays, if you have placed yourself on a waitlist.

How can I see my position on the waitlist?

Your ‘Student Detail Schedule’ will show your waitlist position.

What if I miss the email and the 72 hour deadline?

You are dropped from the waitlist if you miss the deadline to register.  You may place yourself back on the waitlist.

Do waitlisted classes count toward full-time/part-time status? 

No, waitlisted courses do not count toward full­time/part-time status. If you receive financial aid, it will be very important to make sure that you are fully registered (not waitlisted) in the number of credits needed for your award.

What happens if no spaces open and I'm still on the waitlist?

Prior to the start of the semester, waitlists are deleted. At this time you may register for the course if the space becomes available. Unfortunately, placing yourself on a waitlist does not guarantee registration in the class.