Student Clubs/Organizations


The Association for Computing Machinery

The Association for Computing Machinery is the world's largest educational and scientific computing society. The student chapter at NJIT, the NJIT ACM, aims to build a community of students interested in computing sciences, as well as encourage growth in the academic and professional fields. The NJIT ACM offers computer science related workshops, tutoring sessions, and events. In addition, we host multiple SIGs, or special interest groups, where students come together to learn various topics of their choice. Some examples are SIG Android, Algorithms, Linux, Reverse Engineering, etc.

If you are interested in joining us, stop by our office (GITC 4402) or the tutoring center (GITC 3700). You can also visit our website at for information.

2018 Elected Officers

President- David Barnes (

Vice President- Matthew Gasin (

Treasurer- Evan Markowitz (

Webmaster- Marisa Sigas (

Secretary- David Michaelson (

Public Relations- Migle Surblyte (


Deep CS

Information Coming Soon



Information Coming Soon


IS Club

The Information Systems Club provides a communal ground for students interested in IS, IT and CS as well as their usage and implementation in the real world. We have a strong focus on holding various events throughout   the semester that people of all skill levels and and backgrounds are welcome to attend.

For more information and to sign up for our mailing list, contact

2018 Board Members:

President: Amanda Contino

Vice President: Zachary Kaplan

Treasurer: Jean-Luc Hourcade

Senate Liaison: Thomas Schlein

Event Planner: Timothy Bott



Ying Wu College of Computing Mentoring Program

The YWCC Mentoring Program is an extracurricular activity welcome to all students interested in further developing academically and professionally in computing. As a student-run program, mentors will be working together to create dynamic and interactive workshops, panels, and discussion sessions relating to topics in career development, collaborative projects, personal branding, networking, and opportunities inside and outside of NJIT. We encourage and welcome students who are not mentors or mentees to attend our general body meetings and progress further in the realm of computing. Altogether, every student will gain the skills necessary to be leaders, innovators, and accomplish their goals by having a focus on professional development, academic success and mentoring relationships.  

If you are interested in attending future workshops and meetings, check out Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list and get notified of upcoming events and application dates to become a mentor or mentee.

Feel free to reach us at for any questions, comments, or suggestions. We'll be happy to answer your email and get back to you as soon as possible.

2018 Board Members

Program Coordinator: Emmalyn Ramos (

Mentor Coordinator: Megan Rottkamp (

Mentee Coordinator: Tejasree Seelam (

Public Relations Chair: Chandani Patel (



Women in Computing Society

NJIT Undergraduate Women in Computing Society (WiCS) promotes and supports NJIT's growing community of women studying in the fields of computing and technology. Through WiCS, members develop their skill set at student-hosted workshops, participate in mentorship, and network at national conferences. For more information please visit

2018 Elected Officers

President – Raiha Khan

Vice President – Priya Rajbabu

Secretary – Shikha Shah

Treasurer – Teja Seelam

Public Relations Chair – Mohini Desai

Technology Chair – Medlyn Chen

Event Planning Chair – Ann Rose Jose

Fundraising Chair – Kavya Seelam

Social Media Chair – Sharmi Sukhia

Mentorship Chair – Megan Rottkamp

Design Chair – Kathleen Nguyendon

Community Service/Outreach Chair – Emmalyn Ramos