Graduate Programs

The Ying Wu College of Computing (YWCC) offers several Masters degrees in different areas of computing. These degrees challenge, stimulate, and prepare students for career growth in the high technology world of the 21st century.

Master of Science in Computer Science (MS CS)

MS in Computer Science is for students who want to study advanced topics in computer science.  Students can specialize in areas such as:

  • Computer Networking & Security
  • Image Processing & Pattern Recognition
  • Computer Algorithms
  • Database & Data Mining
  • Bioinformatics
  • Software Engineering

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Online Master of Science in Computer Science

The Online Master of Science in Computer Science is an advanced degree designed to develop and prepare the next generation of computer scientists with the practical knowledge and technical skills they’ll need to become innovators and leaders who can thrive on the cutting edge of technology and computing.

Select a degree specialization that best matches your career goals:

  • Database & Data Mining
  • Networking

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Master of Science in Information Systems (MS IS)

MS in Information Systems provides solid grounding in three principal areas:

  • Systems analysis and software engineering
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Management of information systems

The program emphasizes the planning, investigation, design, development, application, management and evaluation of Information Systems. The program trains students to be integral members of application design and development teams. 

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Master of Science in Bioinformatics (MS BNFO)

The MS in Bioinformatics addresses the growing need for graduates trained in biology together with computer science and mathematics.  Depending on the background of the student, bridge programs are offered for those with prior training in either biological sciences or physical/computational sciences.

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Master of Science in Computing & Business (MS CBUS)

The MS in Computing & Business is for those individuals who want to learn advanced topics in computer science that are critical in business, as well as the management fundamentals needed to advance up the corporate ladder. 

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Master of Science  in Business & Information Systems (MS BIS)

MS in Business & Information Systems emphasizes design and evaluation of software applications and systems in a business environment, along with key topics in business. 

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Master of Science in Software Engineering (MS SE)

MS in Software Engineering teaches students concepts, techniques and skills that are required to develop and build large modern software systems.

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Master of Science in IT Administration & Security (MS ITAS)

MS in IT Administration and Security teaches students concepts, principles, techniques, and practices needed to administer a modern IT environment and its security.  Students will gain extensive practical experience in IT administration and security.

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Master of Science in Cyber Security and Privacy (MS CSP)

MS in Cyber Security and Privacy creates a strong foundation and detailed technical knowledge in security, privacy, and cryptography applied to computer systems, networks, and web applications.

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Master of Science in Data Science

MS in Data Science covers basic and advanced essentials in statistical inference, machine learning, data visualization, data mining, and big data methods, all of which are key for a trained data scientist. In order to be selected for our program we require a basic background in calculus, linear algebra, probability, computer programming, data structures, and algorithms. Our program is spread across 30 credits and contains projects involving big datasets, classification methods, variable selection, and deep learning to name a few. You will find additional information on the program here

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